It's quite a mouthful
V.A. Musetto
Źródło: New York Post, 09.11.2007
Polish-American filmmaker Lech Ma jewski isn't a house hold name, but he has his share of dis ciples in New York.

Last year alone, he received a major retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art, and one of his films, "The Garden of Earthly Delights," enjoyed a run at the Two Boots Pioneer.

Now, Majewski's "Glass Lips" is unreeling at the Two Boots. Originally a video installation, the dialogue-less work is set in a mental hospital, where a traumatized poet relives his dysfunctional childhood, which was defined by a violent father and an erotic mother.

There are shocking scenes (a woman gives birth to a rock and a man gets down on all fours to eat dog food), as well as pleasing ones (a woman pours milk over her naked breasts).

The hypnotic, painterly images combine with haunting music (composed by Majewski) in one of the most unusual, beautiful films of the year.